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Words by Jim Dunn. Music by John Stirling.

Blinding flash of light, deafening the sound, bodies hit the ground. Needles fill the air, no one left to tell, how the living fell. Skin is ripped to shreds, now a bloody mess, as needles fill your flesh. Fighting for the air, you begin to choke, as needles fill your throat. Children that are blind, their eyes are sealed tight, needles have stolen sight. Needles breaking skin, running in your veins, now a searing pain. Three days to die, needles start to rust, intensify the pain. Rusted in your veins, slowly you will die, garbage choking viens. Rusted in your brain, slowly you decay, skin infected sores. Now they cover all, body starts to swell, now begins to split. Spewing out the shit, senses now decay, night the same as day. For the end you pray, praying for a way, to bring an end to this. Only pain exists, blood mixed with rust. Nation lies, to rationalise, the genocide with media lies. Blood runs in the street, pooling at your feet, Wailing fills the air, bodies everywhere, loss of control....

Human Remains

Words by Jim Dunn. Music By John Stirling.

The forest is now burning, the place I once called home, ancestor's place of rest. They came to take and destroy, assimilate and rape, vision of new order. Hate. Rape. Take. Cultural degeneration, tribal reallocation, ancestral desecration. Industralisation, corrupt imagination, inhuman devestation. Insane invasion, displace your freedom. Greed, wealth, made god. Distant sound of present storm, echo now of future form, set the fire to burn away, human remains on this day.


Words by John Stirling. Music by Geoff Stirling.

Sequestered thoughts disgorged. Befouled rotted mould. Propagating hideosity. Adore sickly sweet abortions. Still born atrocities. Fetid bred of Acheron. Thy skin ensanguined. Prolific abhorrence. Vulger diffusion. Initiate premature incineration. Massacre. Necrology. Nihilistic. Corpses consumed, Nirvana far from this, hells pain entombed in the necropolis. Your horrific apprehension. Embroiled in chaotic entity. Viscious mortified circus. Yet another tainted soul.

I Decide

Words and music by John Stirling.

Despondant mortals shall soon be corpses in their masses, now a bloody mess. Limbs will fly when vengeance proceeds.. Souls condemned forever. You shall witness the devil incarnate when I rise from your vile affections. All shall succumb to my bloody apocalypse. I decide who lives or dies. I wish all hell upon them. I bestow the ills, their flesh is heir to. Grant me my bloodstained ecstacy. You'll decease with your trivial ideals.